You know what really helps?

So, it’s early on a Tuesday morning, and you are out on the playground doing morning “duty,” when Moises, a special student in your early morning class, ambles up to chat with you.  He kind of stands there for a few minutes, listening to another conversation nearby while he waits to talk to you.  Finally he looks up and says, “So, is your mother still alive?  Or did she pass on?” You’ve told your class of your mother’s recent illness and your need to go visit her often.  You assure him him she is still living, and has been doing a little better lately.  He then spins into a long and somewhat graphic tale of his young cousin’s tragic death a few years ago. After that one he moved on to his grandmother’s story.  He told of everyone’s grief, and them all staying home from school for two weeks after the funerals.  Finally he winds down, and looks at you carefully, shakes his head a little and says, “You know what really helps?  Just pray.”  And in a moment of clarity you realize that in all this trying time that is the one thing you’ve forgotten to do.


One thought on “You know what really helps?

  1. Stuckinmypedals says:

    Wow, Lynn, sometimes kids are so right it’s blinding. Glad you had that moment this morning. Thanks for the reminder to pray. I’ll say one for you and your mom tonight, too.

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