Oh no, NaNo…

It seems that I missed NaNoWriMo this year.  I mean, I signed up, and I started and I even had an idea about what I was going to write, but somehow I just never caught the fever.  I got it all set up, and wrote intros to three parts of the novel, and I even spent a couple of delightful hours with my friend Alicia writing one day.  But there it ended.  I’m usually all fired up about it, but this year, I just couldn’t get there.  It’s okay, and I can give myself permission for that to be okay, but underneath it all I feel like I let myself miss out.

I’ve  noticed that I’ve let go of a lot of the things that have always nourished me lately.  Things like  exercise, taking pictures, making things, reading and writing in my journal or about what I’m doing at school have all been relegated to some distant back burner.  My office has been unusable for months now.  It seems like the less I do, the less energy I have to do things.  Have you noticed that?  I almost can’t remember having the wherewithal to do all that stuff. I can let myself have this, and I certainly have.  But I think it’s time to pick it up again pretty soon.  I hope I can find the energy to do so.   Maybe it’s time for a Very Personal Ad (a la Havi Brooks at The Fluent Self).

Here’s what I want:

I want to feel ease and grace and creativity flowing from my soul.  I want this to show up in the form of laughter and friends and writing and making something.

Here’s how it might happen:

I might go to bed earlier so I wake up earlier.

I might invite some friends over for dinner. Someone might invite me over to dinner or for tea.

I might be inspired to make something really cool that is out of the ordinary. (That means not a knitted scarf.)

Someone (maybe even me) might think of a fun creative friends gathering – like getting together to make something and have it be a party at the same time.

My Committment:

Only spend a few minutes a day on Facebook.  Put my Farm on hiatus for the week.

Go to bed earlier this week.

Make sure all my lessons are really clearly and tightly planned so work is less stressful.

Okay, we’ll see how this goes for a starter.  I don’t want to turn this list into a bucket list for only a week.  I want to be realistic.  Hm, what kind of maker party could I figure out to have?


4 thoughts on “Oh no, NaNo…

  1. dkzody says:

    I would love to have you come over for dinner, Lynn. When can you make it to SF? I will be here until Dec 17 then a week or so in Fresno and then back in SF.

    How long do you get for Christmas break? Plan some fun times in there. You deserve it after such a tough fall semester.

  2. lynnjake says:

    Oh thank you Delaine! I’d love to come to dinner – what fun! I have three weeks off for vacation. December 17 until January 10. Maybe I can come to SF after Christmas. Sounds so nice. Will you make Zody red wagon pies?

  3. dkzody says:

    Well, if I can make a better batch than I made yesterday. Used store-bought crust (Safeway brand) and they didn’t turn out very well. Not enough shortening in their dough.

    Let me know a day or so that you can come to SF and I will plan on it. You can come and sit and relax and look out on the view of the bay and we can chat all afternoon and evening. Or, we can tramp the streets and take pictures. That would be fun, too.

  4. blkdrama says:

    I wish we lived closer. I’d love to come to dinner. I’d love to go out shooting with you. I am coming to California in June for a wedding somewhere near San Diego. Is that at all near you?

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