The people and places I value most<p><a href=”″>My Pummelvision</a> from <a href=”″>Lynn Jacobs</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Can you see my little video?  It makes me feel so happy, so sort of teary…I just love it.  It’s a compendium of my Facebook photos, and, oh, I just don’t know what to say about it except, YES.  I love it all.


3 thoughts on “The people and places I value most

  1. stuckinmypedals says:

    What a beautiful life you lead, Lynn. I loved seeing the Philly photos flash by, such a great time and place! My other favorites were the red dancing girls you snapped for me when you were off on some fabulous retreat. I just love them. They make me happy as did this snapshot of all that is special to you.

  2. lynnjake says:

    Thanks, Alicia. It’s funny, it’s almost painful to watch it because it makes my heart feel so full. I’m glad you watched it and enjoyed it. I’m glad you’re in it because you are part of what is special to me.

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