X by X Poetry Day

This week’s writing prompt at NWP iAnthology is to write a poem(s) in which each line has the same number of words as the poem has lines.  I thought it would be hard to figure out, but it wasn’t.  Here is my contribution:


Feeling calm,

music soothes.


Early morning pink

clouds closing in

sailors take warning.


Tempering the dark chocolate

Cutting the hardened caramels

Now toffee, chocolate dipped

Sprinkled with sea salt


So many difficult choices today

Clean the house, wrap presents,

Knit, write, go to Yoga

Take more pictures, share them,

Christmas shopping not on list!


I like to go to coffee

In a cafe.  Its about ritual:

friends laughing and talking or sometimes

just me, quietly writing, organizing thoughts

making plans for next great ventures.

Either way, I find peace within.


My friends’ beautiful daughter is named Seven.

It’s a magical number for her name.

I’ve always loved this number.  It’s balanced.

The number of spirit, peace, and growth.

They call her Sevie.  It’s more fun

for a seven-year-old like her.

She will surely grow into the rest.


We must keep growing until we finish living

this life.  My journal entries seem be interchangeable

year to year, just reflecting my changing situations.

The woman reflecting on it all is maybe

a little wiser is all.  Less reaction, more

reflection.  Less hiding, more laughter, openness with myself

and others.  I’ve begun to think it’ll continue

like this until I quit counting my years.


Try it!  This was such a nice way to begin the day.


One thought on “X by X Poetry Day

  1. stuckinmypedals says:

    Love the last one. Such a beautiful portrait of you.

    Incidentally, did you know there’s a Seinfeld episode about naming a girl Seven?

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