Doing hard things in 2011: Bring them on!

Look at these intrepid souls, swimming across One Mile on a frigid New Years Day.  The current is strong, and the water cold yet they are in there, fighting their way to the other side.  Why do they do it?  To challenge themselves?  To see if they can do a hard thing?  Probably those reasons and others I can’t fathom.  I admire their fortitude.  This is one hard thing I would never, ever, attempt.  Not now, not ever.  Yet I have long told my students, and myself, that we can do hard things.  I believe in doing hard things, things that we have to push ourselves to accomplish.  I think we have to have a reason for doing them, however, or we become just a thing doer. A doer of things just because they are hard, with little else to recommend them.

So what hard things will I challenge myself to this year?  I could move my body more.  That might involve the gym, my bicycle or just walking to coffee on Sunday mornings.  I miss that.  I also miss writing.  I don’t do it as much as I used to, and I feel the loss of that.  Sometimes it’s so hard to get started, or to keep going.  Just open a vein and write, don’t you know?  Also art.  I miss that a lot. I could eat better, and volunteer in the community and plan my lessons ahead of time and get a dog and clean my house every week and …

If I keep going – and I could, easily – I’ll have a list of about a hundred things to do differently this year.  And you and I both know that those big lists are just fun to write, and they usually end with the writing of them. At least mine do.  So this time, I think I’ll broaden my scope to think of just a couple of areas in which to direct my focus. Hm…

Seems like doing things that bring peace and joy to myself and those around me is a good area in which to focus.

That’s sounding pretty vague, if you ask me.  I think this bears further thought.  I’ll get back to you…

P.S.  My first action of 2011 was to delete Farmville.  Concrete step.  It was time, and I was ready for it.  I didn’t even wait and harvest the morning glories.  Sigh.  Changes.


2 thoughts on “Doing hard things in 2011: Bring them on!

  1. blkdrama says:

    I think it’s the thinking and writing that counts and I do recommend a focus more on exercise than on weight loss. I am loving the gym now that I can do more.

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