My blog committment: A post a week for 2011!

I have joined in the fun at WordPress, and have made the commitment to write a minimum of a post a week here.  I would have liked to try the post a day challenge, but I need to be real, sometimes I just don’t have that much going on between my ears.  So I will spare you that much fluff, and strive for a definite one post a week.  I’ll try to make them interesting!  If not, just let me know in a nice way and see if I can’t step it up!  As always, I love  to receive your comments.  It makes this blogging thing a conversation rather than just my little monologue.  Wishing all you the best in 2011!

UPDATE:  (I have these often don’t I?  Maybe I should make a resolution to think my posts out a little better before I hit the big blue ‘publish’ key.  That could happen.  Or not, we’ll see.)  I have a couple of intentions for this year that I thought I might as well tell you about.  I do plan on doing what I said above, and I’ve also made a commitment to take a photo a day on my iPhone and post it to my Posterous blog.   And that’s it.  I think.  Thanks for your patience!


3 thoughts on “My blog committment: A post a week for 2011!

  1. dkzody says:

    I’m going to try to do a photo a day and post it to my blog and to Flickr. We’ll see how long that happens.

    Although I would like to write a blog post every day, I, like you, don’t have that much going on in my head to write about. Especially since I’m not working. Funny, when I was teaching I had material but was too tired to write. Now I have the time and energy and little to say. Someone on Twitter, a retired teacher, suggested I write a book. Hahahaha. It would be two chapters–what I did and why I left. The end.

    So, let’s see how we do in 2011.

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