What about our Digital Snail Trails?

I recently read an article that a colleague posted about the pieces of ourselves we will leave behind in the “digiverse” (my term, I think = digital universe) when our term on this Earth has expired.  It caught my attention – I write all over the place.   I have a special bookmark list for my digital participation sites.  Let’s see…

1.  All those Nings!!  NWP, Know ELLs, Teacher’s Companion, SMART Board Revolution, NWP Site Leaders, the iAnthology, NCWP, NWP Book Group Network, the list is pretty long…and now that Ning has gotten cantankerous, many people seem to be moving to Grouply, so there’s that too.

2.  NaNoWriMo

3.  100 Words (I haven’t written here for a couple of years, but I used to do it every day.)

4.  Two active blogs, two inactive blogs on WordPress.

5.  Social networks: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace (not any more, but the litter remains)

6.  When I Google myself (no I’m not embarrassed to do so.), I come up with three pages of articles and presentations I’ve written or given.

7.  Twiducate, which is closed to non-members, but still taking up digital space.

8. Flick’r – lots of my photos are there.  Lots.

9.  What about the places that I have shopped at?  Amazon, Powells, Land’s End, Levenger’s, Overstock.com and Eddie Bauer and I don’t  even remember where else?  E-Bay?  What about my freecycle group membership?  The home decorating sites I get email from several times a week, where I have ‘design books’ saved?  What about my email accounts??  I have four of those. Netflix?  Every time I think I’ve listed them all, two more pop up.  Oh yeah, that one, too!!

This is all just a drop in the bucket; I imagine there’ll be more before I finally check out.  Should I leave a page in my trust that lists all the digital litter I can remember leaving out there so my kids can go and delete it?  Surely the Internets will get clogged if we all leave our trails all over the place.  It boggles my mind.

UPDATE:  Tonight on Fresh Air, Terry Gross interviewed a guy who is talking about this very topic.  He has written a book about this.  It is way more complicated than I thought!  I recommend listening to the Fresh Air podcast for January 10, 2011.


2 thoughts on “What about our Digital Snail Trails?

  1. Debra Schneider says:

    My friend Teree died in November and looking at her Facebook page is a solace sometimes. So, yes, I guess you can leave a list for your kids, but many people might want to access your writing for some time to come, as a way to comfort them.

  2. lynnjake says:

    Thanks, Deb, for this input. I can see that going back to what she wrote and said would give solace. Thanks.

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