Rethinking my blog.

I chose this photo because it represents another way of looking at this thing I do here, in the same way I am rethinking the photos I take.  I committed to posting a photo a day on my Posterous blog this year, all taken with my iPhone.  I sometimes arrive at the time to go to bed and have forgotten to take a picture, so go searching around my house or neighborhood for something to photograph and post before turning in.  This has resulted in photos of my new TV, my porchlight, the moon through the trees, and found objects like a tiny box of words in Spanish. If this seems a little counterproductive to the original intention, so be it.  This photo project is also about continuity.  A couple of nights ago I noticed my favorite scarf, a gift from my friend Ricky, who brought it home from India a couple of years ago.  I began arranging it on my leg and taking photos of it, trying different windings, fringe or no fringe, and then different camera apps on my iPhone.  The possibilities seemed endless.  I have a huge collection of textiles, so this has opened a veritable garage door of choices for my late night photo forays.

I’ve been thinking that in the same manner, maybe I need to rethink this blog, as well. I started it in July 2008.  I called it Reduction Physics because I sort of wanted to write about losing weight and getting rid of clutter.  I think the title was tied to an idea I had that all things are related, and as you release one thing, you make room for something else.  That was the physics part.  I thought I’d be revealing my thoughts to all these people, and it was kind of scary and felt like a huge responsibility to get it right.  At first no one really read it.  It was a relief and a letdown at the same time.

Now, two and a half years later I think it’s time to maybe give it a revamp.  I’ve changed the theme a couple of times, but have left the big picture pretty vague, I think.  My categories don’t really fit what I write, it seems like.  They don’t provide the organization I would like to see.  Recently I was reading a friend, Lou Buran’s blog, and noticed that it is organized by pages.  Very clean and clear.  It is actually what gave me the idea to reformat this one.  I think this will require that I step up to a different level of understanding about being a blogger.  Different from writing a blog, no?  We’ll see.

I’ll end with a question for you who read here: what posts (or sorts of posts) do you enjoy the most?  Is there anything you ever hope I’ll write about? (If you want to know about something esoteric like elephants in the arctic, you’ll definitely have to look elsewhere.  But within reason…)I look forward to your comments about this. Stay tuned for whatever comes next in this revamp!


8 thoughts on “Rethinking my blog.

  1. dkzofy says:

    Ah, Lynn, sharing one’s life online is not easy. I like your pieces; your writing shows much thoughtfulness and sensitivity to what is happening around you.

    Just as you look around for a photo subject, I look around for a story to tell. I write first for me and if others like it, too, then I’m pleased. What amazes me, though, are the old posts that are still getting hits. You just never know.

    So keep writing.

  2. Jeannine says:

    Your blog lets me know what’s going on in your mind and heart, and because we have much in common, it helps me address these things in myself as well. I don’t have any requests about subjects, I just think it’s generous (and I hope helpful) for you to do this. Of course I love the scarf photo. Remember that time you followed your nose to that fruit place? Was it peaches? I liked that post a lot. And it’s good to hear the motivation for your photos.

  3. blkdrama says:

    I think your challenge to take a photo a day is going great and I’m sure that you will find something new here.
    YOU ARE A BLOGGER! I love the look of this blog and I love reading your posts, but it’s great to rethink what you do. I know that I missed my daily challenge to write and grab a photo. I don’t know who reads my blog. Sure, I’d love to have lots of people read and comment what I write, but I think it’s enough for me to be writing daily and publishing to the blogosphere.


  4. lynnjake says:

    Thanks Delaine. I know what you mean about looking for a story. I just bog down sometimes and go do something else instead. The weekly challenge is good for my continuity!

  5. lynnjake says:

    Thanks for this thoughtful comment Jeannine. It is helpful to write what I do, although sometimes it’s a little unsettling to be unsure about who reads it. But today I found a good quote about that, which I’ll share soon. I’m glad to hear my posts help direct you to think about your own issues. I agree, we do have a lot in common!

  6. lynnjake says:

    Hah! Thanks Bonnie. I suppose I am a blogger, albeit a somewhat scattered one. I agree that the important part is to be doing the writing. I just guard myself so much, and I forget that sometimes. Thanks for reminding me.

  7. stuckinmypedals says:

    Lynn, I really like your photo a day assignment and I especially like knowing that you sometimes scramble at the last minute for a photo, that sometimes you have to find that day’s treasure in the walls of your house. There’s something beautiful about that.

    I’m with Bonnie. You are a blogger. You are a blogger because you blog. You are a writer because you write. Isn’t that what we learned in Philly?

    As for what I’d like more of, I’d like more posts on things you’ve made or are making. Paintings, meals, knitted things, photos, collages, etc. If you go to pages, please make a page for posts about things you create. Those of us who cannot create things can live vicariously. 🙂

  8. lynnjake says:

    Hey Alicia, what a good idea to post about what I make. And thanks for your vote of confidence in what I do here!

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