Day in a Sentence is here again!

It’s my turn to host Day in a Sentence at my blog again!  I always enjoy inviting you all in to leave your thoughts here.  This past week has been really wintery for many of us.  For us in Northern California, that has meant fog.  The kind of fog that closes everything off, slows everyone down as we try to go from one place to another.  The kind of fog that seems to fill your mind with grey, taking your fresh ideas with it.  I hear that snow has held many of you captive.  When the outside becomes grey (or white) I always feel driven to do something colorful to add dimension to my life.  This week I made a colorful word wall, which although it shows a decided lack of planning ahead, did give my classroom  a little pickup.

My question for you, is what do you do to pick things up when you begin feeling slumpy, whether due to weather or other factors that seem to be beyond your control?  Can you tell us in a sentence?

Add your input to the comment portion of this post.  I’ll release them next Sunday, and we’ll all get some new ideas!  Have a great week.  I look forward to hearing from you!



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