Catching up, Part One

This summer I spent a week at my mother’s house in Mexico.  All by myself.  It was lonely and hot and reflective.  Kind of hard and sad and delicious all at the same time.  I started every day with a walk on Playa Pilar, where I enjoyed watching the pelicans cavort around on the water, those who weren’t too cool and just standing around.

I met a few people, so I wasn’t alone every second, but the lion’s share of every day I passed by myself at the house.  In the evening I went out for some coffee and free wifi, and went to a different beach for the sunset. The shot at the top of this post was taken from the scenic lookout.  Here’s the tiny private beach that doesn’t show in the romantic shot above.  I guess this is romantic in its way, but really?!! (I couldn’t read it until I zoomed in on it.  Notice that it is written in English.  Yeah.)

So, yes.  I laughed to myself and had to take a photo of it. The next day it was pretty much gone.  The tide heals all things eventually, I guess.  It certainly did some healing for me.  Sitting on the shore, watching the waves come in and go out, laughing at the pelicans and playing with the curious blue crabs that scuttled around just under the water proved to be a balm to my troubled heart.  I guess I thrive on time alone, and time next to the sea is beyond description.

I left Mexico after my week was up, and headed to the states for a road trip with Mayaoel.  By taking the lane especially reserved for semi-trucks I managed to cross the border in about ten minutes, rather than the hours promised by the miles-long parking lot of cars waiting there.  Mayaoel flew into Phoenix by herself, and had instructed me to meet her in the baggage area. We took three days to get home, stopping at Montezuma’s Castle, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas for a performance of “The Lion King.”  It was fun to travel with her.  She is a good traveler and a good navigator.  She quickly became expert at resetting the maps on the iPad to figure out where we were and where we needed to go.  Without her I’d have been a much less calm driver.

I know that other people’s vacations are only really interesting to those who experienced them, so enough said.  The rest of our vacation will remain ours!


3 thoughts on “Catching up, Part One

  1. dkzody says:

    Your week in Mexico sounds so peaceful. I’m sure it will be recalled many times during the coming school year. The time on the road with your granddaughter sounds fun. I bet you girls will recall many of those adventures during the next few years.

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