Steve Jobs is gone, but he won’t be forgotten.

Steve and I weren’t close.  In fact, we never met.  But I admired him.  He had vision, and he had the nerve to follow his dreams. When he failed, he got up again and kept going until he once again found success.  I trusted the things he devised, and I respected his style.  So smooth, so simple, so smart. I’m honored to have known him, if only through his genius.  Ever since I bought my first Mac, I’ve been pretty adamant about what kind of computer was right for me.  Some people have even accused me of being annoying about it.  I probably was at first.  These days, I don’t try to convince anyone of much of anything.  I just know what I like.

My first computer was an Apple G3.  I’d saved for it, thought it over and over, deciding just what I’d get when I finally bought one.  When I was a new teacher, I used to take a school computer, an Apple LC3, home for the summer, and I dreamed about when I could finally buy one of my own.  The day I took that baby home from the AS Bookstore was glorious!  I got internet (dialup) in my house, and I even had a printer.  I remember printing photos and invitations to my granddaughter’s baptism on that printer, and then embossing the front with that colored embossing powder and a hot iron.   When USB connections became the way of attaching things like printers and CD burners (because it didn’t have one of those yet!) I installed the ports myself, inside the computer.  Such empowerment I felt!

That Powermac 3G was the launcher.  From there, a few years later, I moved to a Dual Processor G4 Tower with a beautiful Apple monitor.  Now that was a computer.  Fast and mighty.  It had USB ports on the tower and the monitor and even on the keyboard, I think.  No installation needed there!  Plus, with this computer I got iPhoto and soon, a digital camera.  Watch out!  My days of digital photography began here.  There isn’t much that gives me more satisfaction than taking and processing my photos.  On my Mac.  I planned so many lessons on that computer.  I wrote the first articles that I was lucky enough to have published on it, too.  It’s still in my office, still works just fine, only times have changed.  The monitor and keyboard were stolen a couple of years ago when someone broke into my house one night.  Fortunately I  came home before they got the tower.  It just has kind of a hard time keeping up any more.  In about 2005, after much deliberation, I decided to buy a laptop to go along with it.

I chose a 12″ G4 Powerbook.  I thought I’d just use it as a side computer, when I traveling.  I never imagined a laptop as my primary computer.  I was doing a lot of traveling and writing at the time, so it filled the bill.  I got a little Marware shoulder strapped case for it, and it went everywhere with me.  I wrote my thesis on that computer, along with some more articles.   I started my blogs on it, and joined numerous Nings. I didn’t have to tell it how to find the internet, it just did it.  It had (are you ready for it?) two-finger scrolling!  Huge.  The big one languished.  Today this laptop is my granddaughter’s favorite.  She spends hours on it, playing games and doing homework.  It finally became kind of slow, and the battery needs replacement, so it has to stay plugged in now.

Today, I use a 13″ Macbook Pro with a satin red cover.  It’s fast, it has that fancy trackpad and it’s easy to take with me.  It has a slot for the photo card from my digital camera.  No more card readers to lose.  I can load my photos the minute I want to.  Slick and clean.  iPhoto has been upgraded, too.  I keep thinking I’ll buy a more sophisticated photo processor, but I haven’t.  When I do, it’ll probably be Aperture, a Mac program.  Kind of like iPhoto in high heels I’ve heard.  We’ll see about that.  In recent years, my technology has continued to grow as well. There’s my iPod classic, my iPhone4 and the iPad.  Oh and the little Apple TV box.  That’s pretty slick.

Years ago, my daughter jokingly called me a MacWhore.  She just didn’t see the big deal.  Why would I spend more for a computer, when I could get a PC for half the price?  When she started University I bought her the PC she wanted.  It was rendered useless by viruses within months, and she ended up doing all her college work on…you got it.  My Mac.  With her first tax return she bought her own Mac laptop.  Now she says “Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back.”  That pretty much sums it up for me.

Thanks, Steve.  You had a good run, and you will long be remembered.


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