Paleo October Day 24

Well, this is certainly an interesting project.  I feel all kinds of changes coming on!  When I was about ten my mom began to color her hair.  I remember first she just covered the gray, and then she went blonde.  It looked great, she was so beautiful, it didn’t matter what she did to her hair.  However I remember asking her once, many years after she began, how long she was planning to keep dyeing it.  (Yes, I asked in a judgmental sort of way.  I mean, she was getting older, what was she thinking?! And I was a teenager, I believe.)  She answered that she’d keep on coloring it for as long as she could get away with it.  I sort of recall thinking she should just act her age.

Now, I am way older than she was when all this happened, and I have been coloring my hair for, oh, about I don’t know how many years.  Maybe ten or fifteen?  Something like that.  I am a Baby Boomer, and all my life I’ve been a big fan of doing everything naturally.  Yet I dye my hair.  I don’t dye it all, just weave in a couple of colors alongside the silver. (See that picture above?  Can you see the silver?) Well, I don’t weave it in – a very skilled hairdresser does it, and it looks good, I think.  It looks good to the tune of around $100 every six weeks.  For some time now, I’ve been considering stopping the dyeage.  I mean, where did I lose my way?!  Several years ago I talked to my (then) hairdresser about letting it go to my natural color, and she said that if I ever planned to meet a new guy I’d better keep dyeing it.  Thinking she probably knew what she was talking about, I kept dyeing it.  I have not met any new guy.  Maybe the hair color has nothing to do with that. Hm…

So yesterday a dear friend and former colleague sent me an article about a woman named Cindy Joseph.  She’s just my age, and she let her hair go natural many years ago.  She is in fact sort of a silver hair campaigner.  Go check out her website.  So, now I’m thinking about making the transition.  I could ask myself the same question I asked my mom so many years ago: How long are you going to keep dyeing your hair?  The answer is, maybe not much longer.

As for my Paleo month?  It’s going okay, except I’m such a sugar-holic.  I’m having problems with that.  Here’s my update.

Food:  That is all fine except for my propensity to eat too much sugar, and on Paleo any is too much.  So that is kind of hard.  As for the rest, nothing has really changed except that my frig is full of vegetables and I actually eat them.  Yay!

Weight: I’m at X – 10.  Unless I eat sugar, when I go to X – 8.  That’s good but I’d like to see it move a little more.  Perhaps if I move a little more…

Exercise:  I’m doing better but still not a fitness buff.  Yesterday I took a bike ride and a long walk at the river.  Both count when you’ve been doing nothing.  And look what I found at the river:

 Yeah, glorious, isn’t it? It pays to take walks sometimes.  And to be patient.  This color only happens after the sun has gone down completely.  Hm…is there a correlation there to the hair coloring dilemma?  Maybe.  I have to think about it.

UPDATE: I left off the “How I feel” part of this entry.  I’m feeling very well, less back pain and no headaches lately.  And not as much bloating, as long as I steer clear of the sugar.  Go figure!



4 thoughts on “Paleo October Day 24

  1. dkzody says:

    I would quit dying my hair if I had beautiful white or silver hair, but I don’t. I have mostly mousy brown hair with some white scattered around. The back is still solid, which is nice so that it doesn’t show white when it grows out, before I can get to the salon. The front, however, is getting whiter. I like my red hair. I get stopped every where I go by people who want to know what color it is so they can do likewise. It’s not a color, but rather a numeric formula my hairdresser concocts just for me. She adjusts the formula for different people and their skin color. Maybe when I hit 65 I’ll think about something different. That’s a few years away.

  2. lynnjake says:

    I am interested to see what color mine will be! I imagine it transparent, so I guess anything will be an improvement. I can’t imagine you with any than red hair. It is indeed your signature! I don’t know when is the time to let it go natural. I guess I’ll find out. I’ve been worried about the dye soaking into my skin for a long time now, so I guess this might be as good a time as any!

  3. dkzody says:

    I know what you mean about the color soaking in…except I’m thinking it soaks into my brain! I keep thinking I’m going to wind up some crazed red-haired old lady. Or, worse, crazy but without the red because I no longer have the sense to get it done. Maybe that should be in my medical directive–keep the dye job!

  4. lynnjake says:

    Well, I think your red hair looks great. And I think you should keep it for as long as you can! Medical directive, indeed.

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