It’s NaNo time again!

Here we go again! It’s the same thing every year. October comes and I think, “Hm, shall I do NaNoWriMo again this year? I didn’t finish last year (or maybe I did, depends on the year), but maybe if I start planning now I’ll it’ll be easier. Or more organized, more focused, maybe it’ll write itself.”

And then I let it rummage around in the back of my mind all of October. I try on an idea or two, discard them, then try another one. And another. Then I decide maybe I won’t even do it this year. I sit with that for a few days, until one day I see a friend start talking about it online, and suddenly I sit down and sign up. Boom, done. I’m in.

And suddenly it doesn’t matter much that I have no idea what I’ll write about because I know the story is in there waiting for me. My characters are sitting on some park bench or in a coffee shop or maybe even on a fishing boat waiting for me to come and set them free. Then all I have to do is begin to type. And keep typing every day, 2000 words a day until I reach 50,000 of them at the end of this month. By now I know that at the end of the month I’ll have some new friends, maybe some archenemies, but my characters will be out there, doing what they need to do, completely separate from what I want them to do.

It’s just too good to miss, so here I go!


3 thoughts on “It’s NaNo time again!

  1. blkdrama says:

    Shhhh… don’t tell but I’ve started . I took your advice. I spent 11 1/2 hours on a plane from Tel Aviv: writing, reading the Steve Jobs biog( fabulous), playing some Plants vs Zombies, sleeping a bit, watching a movie, chatting with Tuvia and eating very usual plane food.
    So I’m ready. Sign up buddy and let’s get cracking’

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