Paleo November

Well, I’m a few days into November, so guess it’s time to update my status with regard to my Paleo experiment. One of these day’s I’ll quit calling it that. It’ll just be what I do. Here’s my update as of November 12:

Weight: I’m down 13 pounds, and (drum roll, please!) yesterday I bought jeans in the regular Misses department for the first time in at least ten years. When I first entered the store, my intention was to try on pants “downstairs,” but there were so many choices there. I’m not used to that, so out of force of habit I went upstairs to the Plus size department. My granddaughter (Queen of Critical Vision when it comes to my clothing) was with me, and as I tried on pants I asked for her opinion. She just shook her head and said, “Biba, they’re too big.” Yippee!! So we went downstairs and sure enough, the pants there fit just fine. Not too tight at all. And not even the biggest size!! Lest this sound like I’m overamping on a pair of jeans, let me remind you that this was the first time in TEN YEARS (or more) that I could even look in this part of the store. So yeah. Woo Hoo.

Exercise: Oh, this is so not my best thing. I’m trying to understand the Paleo philosophy about exercise. Its something about cardio in short bursts. I’m all about riding my bike. I love my bike, but I can’t vouch for the level of exercise I get riding it. Soon it’ll be raining and that’ll be the end of even that. Hm. No promises, but it is on my mind and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Food: I’m a big egg eater lately. Salads, apples, once in a while some jerky. Bacon. I love bacon, but I want to back off on that because I feel like I’m just wallowing in salt and fat to make up for not getting my sugar quota anymore. Speaking of sugar…I’ve been much mellower about sugar lately. Not so much craving, able to be satisfied by an apple or some bacon. (Of questionable exchange value, I know.) Anyway, yesterday I decided I wanted some sugar. Specifically, some black licorice. So I went out to World Market and bought two kinds. Those wheel things and a bag of “licorice all-sorts.” I watched a movie and graded papers and ate black licorice as if it was perfectly okay to do because I hadn’t eaten any sugar in a while. (Ever since my coffee in the morning. Big deal.) Oh my gosh, I ended up with the worst stomach ache! Was it the sugar or the yucky licorice all-sorts? Who knows, but I’m not going there again any time soon. So there’s my food.

Overall: I feel good. Sort of triumphant, actually. Thinking I need to read Everyday Paleo to get more specific about this thing. I’m on a roll. We’ll see what the holidays bring!


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