Winding down another year

Well, it’s that time of year again.  The time when I once again start posting photos of migratory birds and Christmas-light-paintings and rethinking the year that’s finishing up.  I do this so I can secretly make New Year’s resolutions, except I say I don’t do that.  I say I’m more realistic than to make a resolution that I won’t be able to keep.  Blah, blah, blah.  I can deny it all I want, but really, who can resist the urge to take a look at what’s come before and plan for a better future?  So this may become a series of last-week-of-the-year posts, as I rummage around looking for what I learned in the  past months and what I might do about what I learned in the months to come.  I sort of think I need some categories to do a proper review.  Let’s see…

*  Work Life (Oh, yeah this one has its own blog.  Never mind.)

*  The books I read/ have read this year. (Not nearly as many as I read before I had all these iDevices.)

*  My artist life. (Really?  I have an artist life?  Hm.)

*  My life as a writer.  (How long has it been since I’ve posted to this blog?  When is the last time I finished NaNoWriMo?  Yeah, that part of my life.)

*  Being a friend and family member.

*  Living Paleo.  Yes, I am still working that out.

*  My spiritual life.

There, that’s six categories and an extra blog, and  there are, hm…ten days left in this year. I guess that will be enough for about a post a day, give or take a day off here and there.  I might even come up with another category or two, which will be fine.  I have time.  And now, here’s the Christmas light painting I promised…

Just to wind this up, here’s a Facebook update from my favorite philosopher and author, Paulo Coelho: “Time to get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful, and to open space in your heart for all the blessings (hidden or visible) that 2012 will bring.”  Yep, just like I said.


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