The Next to the Last Day of 2011

Here I sit, finishing off the year 2011.  It’s possible that I’ve posted this mandala before on this blog, but if so it was some time ago, and I still think it’s appropriate that it find its way back.  A mandala is a tool for focus, and that is something I’ve been a little short of lately.  If lately is a couple of years, that is.  As I wind down this old year I’ve found lots of people’s ideas about how to work one’s way out of the old year and into the new one.  I like almost all of them, however trying to do them all is a fool’s undertaking.  I am sorting and looking at what might work for me.  I decided to answer the seven questions, and I’ve been doing that every day this past week.  So far so good, however the last couple of questions haven’t exactly stirred anything much in me, so I’m sifting and sorting today.  This past year was a little difficult for me, and I’m looking to enter the new one with consciousness of my intention.  That sounds pretty weighty, doesn’t it?

Too weighty for the moment.  I prefer simplicity.  I think maybe a good idea is to make a list of the things that interest me, that bring me peace and fill my heart.  Then create a way to bring more of that into my next year. So, here goes with the list:

Colors.  Fabric, colored pencils, sunsets and sunrises.  Flowers and photographs, beads and yarn.  Making things that are beautifully colorful.

A Peaceful heart.  Sitting quietly, listening to music or not, doing nothing at all other than just sitting there, breathing.  Oh, that’s meditation isn’t it?

Words.  Reading them, writing them, sharing them with friends.

Open air and light.  Clear spaces, with just enough stuff to be useful, and all of it just what I love.

People.  All the ones I love to be with.  My children, family and friends, my students, meeting new people.

Making good food.  Food that nourishes and pleases at the same time.

Visiting new places, bringing back new ways of seeing the world.

This list could go on and on, but I have come up with an idea or two.  I am going to make a “Vision Board” today and tomorrow as a mockup for what I’d like to experience this coming year.  Some things will be specific, others just a vision of possibility.  I will post it in a place where I see it often, to keep the ideas fresh.

I am considering taking a “Facebook fast” for a while.  I think I spend too much time lurking around Facebook instead of doing something else.  It’s so easy to just click on and see who’s doing what and to comment on things, to post a flock of photos and wait for my friends to like them.  Some people seem to be able to just check in once in a while, but not me.  Nope, for me it’s kind of like eating cookies.  Once I start, I lose control.   I don’t want to leave Facebook for good, but think it would be therapeutic to just take a “fast” for a while.  Maybe a month?  Hm.  I’ll miss people there.  It’s kinda like “Second Life.”  Does anyone play that anymore?  Or has it been replaced by Facebook?  This is growing into a fervor as I write about it.  Maybe that means it’s the right thing to do.

Okay.  That’s enough of what I’m going to do.  Too much planning often leads to complete immobilization, and I don’t want that.  So…I’ll keep you posted.  What about you, what are your plans or intentions for this new year that’s about to begin?


3 thoughts on “The Next to the Last Day of 2011

  1. Jeannine says:

    Your list of things that interest you and bring peace might as well be my list. As for Facebook, I hear you. I might be a little compulsive about keeping up with everything and everyone. And then there’s Facebook Scrabble. I really enjoy it but I wouldn’t mind letting go of it. (Words with Friends is better, it doesn’t take me down the Facebook path.) I’m thinking of weekly check-ins.

  2. lynnjake says:

    Hm, good idea, the weekly check-ins. Not as cold turkey as a complete fast. I’ll ruminate on that. We can talk it over next week! I’m looking forward to seeing you!

  3. Bonnie k says:

    I think Ive taken a natural fast from my blog from FB from twitter and when I came back its been more selective, so try it…see how it feels.

    Love love love…. Hmmmm I like this photo for my project but send a bunch…:)

    Happy NEw Year


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