Beat the Heat This Week

IMG_1095The details for this photo are at the end of the post. And no, this is not an advertisement for those coffee places!

It’s really hot here right now! Yesterday it hit about 106 and today it’s supposed to get even hotter.  I’m thankful I’m not in Las Vegas or Phoenix were temps around 120 are threatening for today.  (How do you even move in that kind of heat?) Anyway, today I began a list of things I can do to avoid the heat and avoid the constant use of my air conditioner (which thank goodness I have available to me). Here are some of my tips for beating the heat:

1.  Go to the library.  I did this yesterday.  Books, quiet, and a deliciously cool temperature.  You can’t beat that!

2. Go to the mall. I didn’t do this.  This would be a last resort for me, but some people would like it, and I imagine it’s pretty cool there.

3. Go swimming.  River, park, back yard.  Just get wet. Yesterday I sat in the water and read a book under the shade of a beach umbrella, while sipping iced coffee. Decadent!  (More about the iced coffee in a minute.)

4.  Go to the movies. There’s nothing better than a matinee on a hot afternoon. And with a new Sandra Bullock movie waiting there, this is a great option.

5. Drive around in the air conditioned car.  Park it in the shade and enjoy the cool air for a few minutes. The Prius will keep the cooler going for a few minutes without running the engine, so that’s a short term option. Okay, desperation, but still.

6. Go someplace else.  Like San Francisco or the mountains.

Making iced coffee at home

Back to the iced coffee…last year I began making it at home.  I like my iced coffee half-caf or decaf, which is not commonly offered in the cafes I frequent.  So, I decided to try it at home. I wanted rich coffee flavor without a bitter or acidic taste, so I decided to try making it in the sun, like I do with tea.

I  bought a two quart glass jar and a pound of freshly ground coffee, mixed half and half with regular and decaf beans.  I have them grind it sort of fine, but not as fine as espresso.

I fill the jar with filtered water, add one cup of the ground coffee and put the lid on the jar.  I set it out in the sun for the day, moving it around to keep it in the sun. About four or five hours out there works fine.  Then I bring it it, strain the grounds out and there it is.  Simple, not bitter or acidic, and deliciously flavorful.  I sometimes make coffee ice cubes so that it doesn’t get watered down while I drink it. Add milk and sugar to your taste and yum! So good.  So easy!


4 thoughts on “Beat the Heat This Week

  1. lynnjake says:

    It’s 106 here so far today. I haven’t braved the mailbox yet. I put my feet in the pool and it was so warm I decided to wait until it’s completely shaded to get in, as it wouldn’t even be refreshing yet!

  2. Lynda VanArtsdalen says:

    This was a wonderful article lynn. I didn’t even realize you we’re the author until I went back over it. Haha. I just wanted to read an article on beating the heat that was posted on Facebook. We still have the a/c going for my mom but hubby and I are sitting in the cooled hot tub under a beautiful tree. On our way to a little league game in this horrible heat. Yuuuuuuck

  3. lynnjake says:

    Thanks for reading it, Lynda! I took a break for about a year or so, but am trying to post regularly now. I’m glad you enjoyed it. The cool hot tub sounds perfect, but I’m not so sure about the Little League game. That sounds like extreme grandparent devotion!

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