It’s Snowing Again at WordPress! Feeling happier.


This is the fifth year I’ve spent time on this site with these off and on again blogs I write. I love it when the time of year comes around that WordPress makes it snow.  It looks so sort of festive, but in a calm way. I think it makes it look like whatever I decide to write about is more interesting than usual just because it has snow falling on it.

My last post about going to Taos was misleading, apparently.  I’m not going there until next summer.  I’m just having a great time planning to go there.  Even if I backed out, I’d have had a great time planning to go.

I recently read an article on Zite about ten things you can do that will make you happier.  These things were backed by science, so they must be true. Forgive me for not including the science here. Just take my word tht there was a scientific explanation for every one of them. One of those things was planning a trip.  You don’t even have to actually go, just as long as you plan it you’ll feel happier. That’s definitely worth the price of admission.  So I’m planning my trip and it makes me feel pretty good while I’m doing it.  I do believe I will actually go because I’ve already invested my money in the whole thing, but it’s good to know that even if for some reason I didn’t go, I’ve already gotten some mileage out of the deal. And I have a great new Pinterest board entitled, “Road Trip.” Worth it!

Do you want to know what the other nine things are?  I know you do, so here they are:

1. Exercise more.  Seven minutes apparently is enough.  I figure I should be able to top seven minutes.  So far I haven’t though.

2.  Sleep more.  Oh yeah.  Bring on Christmas vacation!

3. Live closer to work.  I guess this is to cut commute time.  That’s not going to happen. I guess I need to up the exercise quotient to make up for this one.

4. Spend time with friends and family.  Well, yeah.  That makes everything better, in my book.

5. Go outside.  Just that, go outside?  Cinch.  I’ve been cleaning the pool pretty often since I read this, cause it’s been full of leaves. Now that all the leaves are down, I’ll go to the wildlife refuge and take pictures of migratory birds. I really love doing that, and they don’t seem to mind it too much as long as I don’t move too fast.

6. Smile.  Some days this is harder that it seems.  Maybe if I go outside more I’ll be less grouchy.

7. Help others.  I do some of this, but I could always do more. Sometimes I figure just going to work counts for this one.  But not always.

8. Meditate. Oh yes, this makes me feel so collected and calm. And focused. I don’t know why I forget to do this so often. The result is really and truly magical in my life.  I guess it’s a little bit like eating vegetables. I love eating them, my body loves receiving them but they take a little more effort to prepare than oh, a piece of steak or a quesadilla so I skip them, despite my best intentions.

9. Practice gratitude.  I try to express my gratitude often and honestly. However…see number 8.

Oh, and there’s one more.  Get older.  Apparently as you get older you just tend to get happier.  I suppose you’re less worried about how things will turn out. Plus your kids are no longer teenagers, and if your grandkids are teens they have their own parents to worry about them. So yeah, I’ve got that last one pegged. The getting older part happens whether I want it to or not.

So there you go. How does this list resonate with you? What would you add to it?


2 thoughts on “It’s Snowing Again at WordPress! Feeling happier.

  1. dkzody says:

    Happiness comes very much from doing things you love to do. Retirement has given me that opportunity to do so much that I really love doing. Every day is a new adventure.

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