IMG_3564I love this photo. I took it but I don’t remember what it is. I just like the fluid lines, the play of dark and light and the simplicity of it. I need a little simplicity tonight. So many thoughts always crowding in, demanding my attention. Yesterday I wrote a poem (Okay, I re-wrote or “hacked” someone else’s poem) for this blog, but then it fit better on the other, teacher blog, so I left it there rather than here.

So here I sit, on a warm moonlit night, looking at a simple shape, feeling out of words. Today was one of those days that you just shake your head over.  It was a day that makes me want to just spend a period teaching a bunch of kids to do The Cup Song together, because we need some togetherness right now.  And some fun. And because we could all do it together even if we don’t all know English. And right now my class needs that unity. And that that little bit of fun.  Hm. And that’s all for now.  I’ll let you know how it goes. If I try it.


2 thoughts on “Simple

  1. Tanya B says:

    Gosh, Lynn, between traveling, and failing to finish my blog project on time, and getting a killer cold, I’ve fallen behind on commenting as well. And there’s a poem hack to hack! Jeez. Hope the days since have been better. Love blogging with you.
    Oh, and PS — I’m also out of town this weekend 😦 I hope you enjoy the show. Maybe I’ll take a road trip to Chico…

  2. lynnjake says:

    Hi Tanya. Sorry to hear you’ve been sick. That must be doubly miserable with traveling included! I like blogging with you too – I’ve missed your nerdlutions and comments! I’ll let you know how we like the show, and a road trip to Chico sounds great! I have Spring Break (note the capital letters. It will be very welcome when it finally arrives!) the week before Easter. Safe travels!

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