A Sense of Connection

Friday afternoon my son, Alex, came home from work with an iPad in hand. “Look what I found!,” he said. I could tell he was dying for it to be his, but he knew better and handed it over to me. He pointed out that it was a new one, with the iPhone 5 charging plug, and it was password protected.  He said he’d been riding his bike along Moss Avenue when he saw what he thought was an iPad case. He went back and looked, and found it was the whole deal. Cover with iPad inside.

Because of the password we couldn’t get inside to try to figure out who it belonged to. Thinking the owner would search for it remotely and discover where we are and come to the house I waited for an hour or so. Nothing happened, so I went to look for what number to use to call the police about it, and found only an email address. So I sent them an email saying I had it in case anyone called about it. Then I played around a little more and realized that I could see her appointments and her games. It said it was her move in Words With Friends with Sheryl K (Last name omitted for her privacy). So I did what anyone would do, and looked Sheryl up on Facebook.

I found her immediately. Alex looked at her picture, and said he knew who she was, that she worked at his school.  I sent her a private message that one of her friends had lost an electronic device (so clever of me, right, to say electronic device rather than iPad?), and that if she heard about it I had it. I was interested to see that we have a friend in common,which made it begin to seem like a circle. She responded that she would keep her ears open.

This morning at 6:00 or so, I got a message from Sheryl that she knew whose iPad it was. It was Ann’s. I don’t know Ann, but I found her name in Sheryls friend list and realized that I’d met her husband one morning last week at the coffee shop. The circle begins to close.  I gave Sheryl my phone number and said to have her call me and I left for my early morning coffee date with friends, taking the iPad with me. I mean wouldn’t you call about it the minute you knew it was safe?

Sure enough, about half an hour later she called, and I told her she could come to Tin Roof Coffee to pick it up. She did, and when she walked in, my coffee friends all knew her. We’re about the same age, we both teach middle school and yeah. The circle is complete.  She has her iPad back, no worse for the wear except for the worry she had to suffer for two days. It’s so fun when things work out!

UPDATE: Today, two days after I returned the iPad to its owner, I got a call from the property officer at the police department. He wanted me to know on no uncertain terms that I had to bring in the iPad in to the police department right away because it is worth more than $100. He reiterated that fact, and told me that after 90 days if no one had claimed it, I could keep it. He acted as if I was trying to keep it, like maybe I’d stolen it or something. I had to call and let him know I’d sleuthed it out and returned it myself before he ever got around to calling  me. Hmpf.


2 thoughts on “A Sense of Connection

  1. Anonymous says:

    Lynn, I just read your May 4 article. I love circles in life. Wish we had been there at coffee for the experience. Thanks for sharing.

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