CLMOOC Week One: How-to Manuals


The CLMOOC has kicked off with a fun make, that is, writing or otherwise making a How to Manual, specifically, How to Be Me. My first thought was making a kind of funny list on Word, then copying it into this blog or otherwise preparing it for sharing. But then I looked around a little and decided to try a new online tool, to doubly grow my skills.

I decided to make a ThingLink. I’ve had the app on my iPad for a while, but had never actually experimented with it. It was pretty fun to make, but also a little frustrating. That’s part of the beauty of struggling with making something. You think you can do something, and then you hit a roadblock. Once you push through the “can’t” and find that you can actually do whatever you were trying to do, there is a feeling of exhilaration that you’d never have felt if you’d stayed safe. ThingLink was a great example of that for me!

The other part of the make this week was finding some how-to manuals we like. This part was very fun. Here are some I kind of got a kick out of:

1. 5 How-to manuals from the Middle Ages. These include “How to Die Well,” “How to Battle,” “How to Punish Sins,” “How to Care for the Sick” and “How to Be a King.” Each is accompanied by a kind of gross drawing. I love this one!

2. “How to Be a Good Boyfriend as a Teen.” This one is a series of comics which include a kind of desperate looking boy and a totally bored looking girl. It might not be the best one to follow if you really want to learn how to be a good boyfriend. It includes advice such as, “Communicate well,” “Be attentive,” “Make it last.” Each is accompanied with advice for how to talk to her so that she doesn’t become annoyed and leave you. The comics make it look as though she’s about out the door, however.

3. “How to be Cool: 5 Research-backed Tips.” This one features a photo of Pierce Brosnan looking particularly manly, and was published by (wait for it…) Time Magazine. Yes, that’s right.

4. The last, but definitely not least is “How to be Gangster.” This is a homemade YouTube video featuring some a boys that I imagine my students would love to watch.

So far so good! Don’t forget about our Maker’s Party on Wednesday morning at 9:30 at Chico State. It’s going to be fun!


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