CLMOOC Reflection Friday: Memes

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It’s been a challenging week for me. This meme kind of says it all. (I know, it’s the same image I used at the top of the last post. I like it.  It’s my daughter.) Initially, it sounded pretty simple and I wondered what was so challenging about making these thing that would warrant a week of investigation. I usually find them a little irritating, like people can’t think of what to say on their own so they find a stock meme photo and add some words to it. Or like it’s some inside joke that I don’t quite get.  But on investigation, I found it to be a lot more than that, and far more complex than I imagined.

The importance of choosing an image that people can relate to, and choosing just the right words that will send it spinning out for others to play off of, makes it a little overwhelming, actually.  On Wednesday we had our Maker’s Party, and it was really fun to go out and take pictures that mimicked some we’d seen in the news. they had to be just to in order to be recognizable. That was great, and then we had to come up with the right words to accompany the photos.  Actually, Peter did that and very well. I was just the photographer, and even that was fun.

As I walked to my car from the Maker Party, I was behind a guy who had a big spider web tattoo on his elbow. I kept looking at it and thinking of taking a quick photo of it so I could use it in a meme. I didn’t ask him because I got distracted looking at that iconic tattoo, and I started thinking of how easily a meme can become a chiche. To me that tattoo is so predictable, so overused that it seems like a cliched thing. So then I wondered about that for a while. I think it’s a fine line between a meme that everyone gets and a cliche that everyone also gets but not in such an interesting way.  I’m still not sure what I think about that.

On Friday we do a Find 5 Friday reflection. This week I give kudos to Peter Kittle and Kim Jaxon and Jarrot Crone for their brainchild of a make.  I learned so much. Kevin Hodgson wrote a beautiful blog post about maing serious memes after Molly Robbins made a lovely first serious meme. So many people made cool memes, they are too many to name them all. I enjoyed the Hangout on Tuesday where I got some good ideas from Terry Elliott. So there they are. My F5F awards!  See you next week.


2 thoughts on “CLMOOC Reflection Friday: Memes

  1. dkzody says:

    That spider web tattoo is probably a good idea for the long run. I keep thinking about what these crazy tattoos will look when the wearers get old and wrinkly. A spider web will probably age very well, sinking into the wrinkles and expanding with the sagging skin.

  2. lynnjake says:

    The spider web was on his elbow, so I doubt it’ll ever sag. I guess I just missed that boat. I can’t imagine any reason I’d ever need to get one. I also think of the saggy flesh that is coming for all the legions of young people who are tatted all over. Some of those tattoos will definitely be regrettable, I thinK!

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