CLMOOC Week 5: The Maker Party

IMG_5227 This morning is our weekly maker party. I guess people are really busy this summer as it hasn’t been well attended, and this week I’m leading it alone. So far, totally alone, so I thought I’d bring you all in as virtual participants after the fact (because I’ll continue writing this post during the time I’m here today.)

My ideas for the making today are threefold, and people can decide what interests them the most, and then try it.  Here they are:

First, I will show the photos I used in yesterday’s blog post. They are all in a sort of similar mood, one of pensiveness and remembering. I want to have people look at each photo, and imagine the story behind it. Maybe do a little quick write about each photo, or about two or three that generate interesting thoughts. This can be made into a Haiku Deck, like this one. This would be an example of a picture being worth a thousand words. With music behind it, as in a Zeega, even more.  So that’s another thing we might try this morning. I’m interested in Zeega, but it seems so complicated. All the more reason to make one, right?

The second idea is to make little origami books like the one in the photo above and hack it with some copper tape, coin batteries and LED lights. My access to these supplies is limited today but I have enough to try it.  Especially if you only follow virtually and don’t need supplies and I’m the only one actually physically here.

My final idea is to play with the app called “Glow-Doodle.” This one seems really fun to me, and I brought materials for playing in the dark with it.  Okay, Here goes. I’ll work on each thing for about 40 minutes, and keep you updated as I go along. I’m starting with the origami book. This one will stretch my brain, I know.  And I’ll be really careful not to just spend the whole morning surfing around, looking at what all of you are doing online. Promise.

1. 9:30 – The little origami book: Okay, I’ve made my parallel circuit. I’ll attach the battery and the LED light. Wait, the light only needs a battery to light. Duh, I knew that. But I have a few little stick-on lights that do need the copper tape circuit…okay, they will light but only if the copper only touches the back and side of the coin battery. If I fold it over, the lights go out. I wonder what to do about that. I could really use another brain to think about this with me. Wow. Just as I was about to give up and move on, it lit up, all four lights. So this is an interesting possibility that deserves more consideration. But it’s 10:15, so I’m moving on.


2. 10:15: I’m making a Zeega from my photos and a song I like. I’ll be back!

Okay, I’m not so sure about Zeega. It gives little in the way of instructions. As in, I can’t figure out how to make the photos loop. It seems to loop on other people’s projects, but mine just stops at the end. When I click on Help, a little popup says “Read the Instructions.” Okay then.

The other problem I’m having is with the photos. I can take their stock photos, but when I try to upload mine, all jpg’s, it will accept some and tell me the others are not in the right format, to use a jpg or .gif. The thing is, my photos are far better than the ones they make available and are already jpgs. Hmpf. Again, if someone else was here we could talk this through!

Here is my kind of hokey Zeega:

Dang. I thought it would embed it here. Again, strength in numbers! Someone else would know how to do that.  (Actually, I just looked it up. You can’t embed a Zeega on WordPress. Good to know.)Guess I’ll go eat a snack. I brought them, don’t you know? Well, time’s up on Zeega. We will probably break up before we even become friends. Wow. It does loop. Weird,but I’m glad. I’m still not sure our relationship will ever be anything deep.

3. 11:00: Glow-Doodle. Wow, I’m wiped out from all the less than successful stuff I just did. Let’s see about the Glow Doodle. Hm. Not so great. All it’s doing is highlighting the wrinkles on my neck, and that’s not fun at all. Last night it was kind of cool to see how my fingers could create an image.  APparently that’s not going to happen today.  I think my time here is up.

All in all, I’d say I gave a good effort to learning some new ways of telling stories using light. I might try again with these particular ways and I may not.  I have to think that over. The thing that stands out for me now is how much better a maker party is with other makers. We are so much more creative and funny and interesting making things together than we are alone.  And that’s all I have to say about that. Except for thank you for taking the time to read this and being a virtual part of my maker party!



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