A Writer’s Blessing


A Blessing for the Writer at the Beginning of Something New

May the beginning be alive with the fruit of sleep
Your heart stirring to the draw of a new wondering
Your mind pulled by an accidental vision that pierced
Through your armor to a truth.

May this be a dawn of unguarded birth
When the treasure you hoard flows free
of the thorny labyrinth of your own story
With its pain and memories
And unyielding rigid shape.

A beginning when you find yourself a clear conduit
For what longs to arise from the quiet.

May your heart experience
The blessing of complete risk.

To extend past the words of others
And the cycle of sameness

Reaching profoundly into the story of all the starts and stops
Until the hidden truth gives way
And a new story unfolds to excite your heart
And blossom in your soul

So that you may begin in an unfettered rhythm
That pulls from the ages
A story not yet told
A song not yet sung
That beckons words to form a new rhythm.

May it provide its own magnetism
And thrive in the space betwixt love and breath

To enchant the keening heart
By how perfectly it fills the space around
Its hidden longing.

Based on John O’Donahue’s “For the Artist At The Start Of Day”




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