Ready to Raise some Funds (solsc) 7/31

Today is the day of our school’s annual fundraising dinner. We rent a huge ugly hall, and invite a bunch of people to host tables for a dinner extravaganza. This is our fourth one, and every year we earn a little more money. The funds are used to pay for assemblies and a huge last day of school Field Day with blow-up water toys and games. The fire department comes and hoses down the kids, and it’s fun. That’s basically it, the funds are meant for fun. Special stuff for our kids.

Every year we have a theme. The first one was “Decades.” The teachers came as a future decade. We dressed and decorated as the denizens of The Capitol in The Hunger Games. That was so fun. Lots of makeup and extravagant outfits and hairdos. Our table was covered with desserts, which you’ll understand if you’re familiar with The Hunger Games. I word the only formalish dress I’ve owned as an adult. It’s quite sparkly. (That’s me, ready to go, below.)

Image 1The next year the theme was Movies. We chose Alice in Wonderland, and I went as the Queen of Hearts. Wearing the same dress. This time I sewed felt hearts all over it and added some hearts to my headband thing.

IMG_2353Last year the theme was Prom. We chose the subtheme of “Biker Prom.” I wore – you guessed it – The Dress. This time with studded bracelets and a leather jacket. and tattoo sleeves. No one took pics of me last year, so no image.

This year the theme is “Cruise.” Our table theme is “Cruise to Nowhere.” We planned that around the dress – kind of a martini bar theme. But I didn’t want to wear it this year. I made plans to wear a pair of khaki pants and deck shoes and a Hawaiian shirt. I’ve volunteered to be the photographer of the event, and that outfit seemed fitting for a ship’s photographer. Except for the tone in my daughter’s voice when I told her I wasn’t wearing the dress. Her comment, “But we planned the table around The Dress!” That and a slight shift of her eyes was all I needed.

I’m wearing The Dress. And this year someone will take my picture in it. Next year is soon enough to retire it. Maybe.





12 thoughts on “Ready to Raise some Funds (solsc) 7/31

  1. tjkfirst says:

    What a great and fun idea for a fund raiser. I love that the dress works for every theme and am with your daughter in that it has to be worn! Have a great time.

  2. Ellen says:

    This is a great post – I love hearing about your wardrobe changes over the years for this special event. I also love the guilt trip that your daughter gave you…I forsee years of that occurring to me as well. Can’t wait to see this year’s picture.

  3. Katy Collins says:

    That event looks like a blast! I love that the teachers dress up for it, and I liked how you wove “the dress” through the storytelling of the past years. I hope you raise lots of money for all the special things you have planned for the kiddos. A great cause, if I ever heard one! 🙂

  4. Susan says:

    I’m with your daughter, you simply can’t retire the dress! I love that you keep recreating it, and look adorable both times, how fun!

  5. lynnjake says:

    We really do raise a lot of money at this event. Last year we raised about $14,000. We’re hoping for more this year. We’ll know next week how we did!

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