Sunday Thoughts (Solsc) 8/31

It’s day 8 of the Slice of Life Challenge. It’s been fun writing a new post every day for the past week. I like the image of writing a slice of my day. Just a slice. I think Sunday is a good day for a recap of things I left hanging during the week.  Or, if you haven’t read any of the posts from last week, this is just the stuff I’m thinking about today. I hope you don’t find it boring. Let’s see…

1. The apple tree I transplanted last Saturday seems to be alive. The big branches are a little dry looking, but there are some whiplike branches that feel lively and have buds on them. I’m surprised that I can feel the life of this little tree in its branches. I’ve never paid that much attention to a little tree before, I guess. I’ve taken a far greater interest in its life since I moved it than I ever did when it was growing in my yard. I love feeling those strong little branches in my hand.

2. I planted Iceland Poppies in pots on my patio two weeks ago. I looked all over for them, going to my favorite nurseries hoping they’d have them, but no. I finally found them in a big box hardware store. They are really happy in those pots and are just covered with buds. I’ve loved those flowers for many years but have never actually planted any before now. They are spring bloomers and it’s always too late by the time I think of them. My gardener mind is tuned to spring weather, not pre-thinking the thing in the end of winter. Maybe I’m changing. What a miracle.


3. Today I am going to make next week’s breakfasts. This is the coolest thing. I just mix eggs, uncooked bacon and lots of vegetables (spinach, peppers, zucchini, asparagus) all together, oil a baking pan and bake it, like a fritatta. When it’s cool I cut it into squares and store it in the refrigerator. Each morning I take a square or two and toast it in the toaster oven. It crisps up and is delicious, and I have my protein and veggies first thing in the morning. It really dissuades me from going to the cafe that sells delicious gluten-free lemon poppyseed bread, which although somewhat better than regular is still rich with sugar. I eat my little eggy squares and am content. (I originally got this recipe from Sarah Fragoso’s Everyday Paleo Family Cookbook, where she calls them Egg cupcakes. I changed it to a baking pan because they stick to the muffin tins and it’s frustrating to me. This works great.I also vary the vegetables by what is available. But I don’t put root veggies in them. I hope you try this if you think it sounds good. It’s so easy and such a nice quick way to start the day.

4. Writing a blogpost every day is a challenge. I enjoy it a lot, and I find that something always comes up to write about. I just don’t want to be boring, or to write just because I have to. Except I do have to if I’m to meet this challenge, and I want to because I’m a writer and I need to write. But sometimes I have to stretch a little.

5. Holy Cow!!! I just got an email from our Assistant Principal. We raised nearly $23,000 at last night’s dinner. It was really fun, I did know that, and there were lots of things to donate to in hopes of winning something, but WOW! We’ve never raised that much before. More info and pictures coming in tomorrow’s slice!

It’s time to to do laundry and buy eggs and vegetables and get ready for the week. Sunday in the life of a teacher is a weighty thing. Isn’t it really? Yeah.



4 thoughts on “Sunday Thoughts (Solsc) 8/31

  1. Katy Collins says:

    Your description of your plants and tree made me feel like spring is around the corner! I’m so ready for it to warm up here. I also am planning on trying that breakfast recipe. Yum! Great Sunday wrap-up– have a nice week!!

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