Sunday Again (solsc) 15/31

It’s Sunday again. The day a teacher spends grading, planning, grocery shopping and counting the days until Spring Break. Here is my weekly list post.

1. This morning I went to coffee with friends, and then did a tour of the yard, to see what it needs. I love my yard, but it definitely wants a lot of interaction. I bought this house two and a half years ago, and it was beautifully landscaped. The owner really knew her plants. It has fallen on me to maintain it. At first I was a little terrified of the prospect, since everything was so lush. It has definitely been a learning project, and one I enjoy so much. Today my son and I made a list of to-dos for the next month. There are some areas that need new plants and some areas that probably need cutting back. I’m never sure, so I either look things up or just experiment. So far so good.


Summer back yard

2. The apple tree lives!! Two weeks ago I wrote about the apple tree in my yard that I dug up and transplanted to my daughter’s yard. I’ve been watering it every couple of days, and encouraging it to take hold and survive. Friday I went back to check in on it, and lo and behold! There are little leaf buds all over it! I feel so satisfied that it didn’t die. My experiment worked, or at least so far it’s working!

3. Friday I went to an IEP meeting for one of my students. He had not been diagnosed as a person with a learning disability, despite the fact that he flunks every class. I had him last year in seventh grade. He’s a sweetheart, and I thought he couldn’t read at all. Later he showed that he reads quite well. He just never manages to figure out what I want him to do. I asked that he be tested, and it never happened. This year I asked again, and this time my daughter, who also has him in a class, chimed in. It was clear that something was off. He is smart, charming, really a great kid who should’t be struggling so much. Finally he was tested, and sure enough. He has a significant learning disability and his schedule was changed immediately. That was validating. I think he’ll do much better now. Yay for perseverance!

4.  I’m planning a trip to Taos (again) this summer, to Jen Louden’s writing retreat. I decided to drive again, and am meeting in the Sedona AZ area with a fellow retreater who I met last summer. I’ve been spending inordinate amounts of time on Air BNB, looking for just the right place to stay while we’re in that area. It’s like I have to enter each little cottage and imagine where we’ll sit, who will sleep where and what the views will be like in each place. It’s exhausting and I soon give up! I’m thinking today is the day to decide! Or maybe tomorrow…

Mabel Dodge Luhan House, Taos N.M.

Mabel Dodge Luhan House, Taos N.M.

Swallow houses

Swallow Houses, MDL House, Taos, N.M.

Taos Mountain

Sacred Taos Mountain

5.  Doing this writing challenge is interesting. I write every day, of course, but I do no other creative things at all. Prior to this I was doing a lot of doodling in my sketch book and journaling, but it seems like writing a post a day is consuming every drop of my creativity. I think I need to learn to diversify! I suppose once I’m only writing a post or two a week I’ll be back to other activities. We’ll see. Maybe I’ll be neck deep in my garden by then!

I suppose five little bursts of randomness is enough for today. There is still planning, grading, grocery shopping and laundry to be done. Plus counting the days until Spring Break. I hope you’re having a beautiful day.


18 thoughts on “Sunday Again (solsc) 15/31

  1. ...never ending story says:

    I am feeling my writing muscles are pretty tense as well right now. I’m interested in hearing more about the writing retreat. Your garden looks so gorgeous…I love the pond in front. My husband is out right now mucking about in the yard…but I feel like I have to get ahead with some of this writing. xo

  2. Timothy Baldwin says:

    I love the photographs in this post! Very attractive. I’m also a little jealous of your backyard. With such a beautiful oasis, I would be tempted to never leave. Just wall it up and hang out on the back porch.

    Like you, I try to write ever day. And, like you, I do very little in terms of other creative things. Writing in itself is such a time consuming and satisfying process anyway. I have a theatre background and a few hobbies, but most of my time is spent working. What freetime I have, I spend in writing or reading, and an occasional TV program.

    I really need to get out more, and, as you said, diversify.

  3. rosecappelli says:

    Thank you for this wonderful post! It was so relaxing to read it and look at your beautiful pictures. I always wanted a pond in my garden, so I am a bit jealous! Looks like you have some great places picked out for the summer. Have a wonderful time!

  4. lynnjake says:

    Thanks for the comment! The pond in my yard is actually a swimming pool made to look like a grotto. It’s small, but just right.The writing retreat happens every summer, and sells out in hours. If you go to Jen Louden’s website it tells about it. I thought about going for years, and last summer I just up and did it. It was so great that I’m going back again this year. I feel pretty lucky about that! Thanks again.

  5. lynnjake says:

    Thanks for your kind comment. I do feel lucky about my yard and garden. The pond is actually a swimming pool, something I never imagined having n my back yard! Thanks again.

  6. lynnjake says:

    You are right about the oasis. I’m so very thankful for having found it. I really do tend to just stay home! Writing really is consuming, both of time and of spirit. When I finish something, I’m kind of worn out. Ready, like you, for a good book or a little TV. Thanks for commenting. I appreciate your having read my post.

  7. Jeannine Gendar says:

    OMG, I can’t believe Mabel Dodge Luhan’s house is an inn! The vibes! Have you stayed there before? It looks fabulous in the pictures.

    And I’m so glad tha apple tree made it.

  8. lynnjake says:

    Ha! Yes the apple tree is thriving. I stayed at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House last summer at the writing retreat. Look at the post from a few days ago with the painted windows. They are at that house, and were painted by DH Lawrence! It’s a cool place.

  9. Stacey Shubitz says:

    I loved reading these “bursts of randomness.” Plus, the photos made your descriptions come alive.

    Yea for the apple tree thriving! Hope it bears some good fruit for you to eat in the near future.

  10. Lisa says:

    I love the writing challenge, but you’re right: there’s little time or space for other creative projects. I have started giving myself challenges every month. Next month I am going to concentrate on some fiction writing, I think. Last month I was compiling some genealogy information. That takes a lot of mental energy too!

  11. lynnjake says:

    I love the idea of a different challenge every month. I think I might try this on for size. I’m so glad you shared it with me. I bet the genealogy one was interesting. I’m going to come up with something for next month! Thanks.

  12. dkzody says:

    I love that you are returning to Taos. I have a yearning to return to Abiquiu but probably won’t happen this year. A blogging friend has extended an invitation to Tucson’s book festival next March. That too intrigues me.

  13. lynnjake says:

    I am really looking forward to it. It’s kind of a splurge this year, but one tha’s worth it. I agree that the book fair sounds great!

  14. Lisa Weikel says:

    This is a fabulous post.

    Loved it. And the photos…oh. I ache to go back to Taos. And your back yard is spectacular. I’m so jealous. (In a good way.)

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