About Leggings (solsc2015) 16/31

Have you noticed that the go-to pants for older ladies is increasingly leggings? At least in my town, I have been noticing this for a few months now. I suppose that one reason I noticed was that I have wondered how to wear them if you’re not a teenager. They seemed cozy and warm and very comfortable, so I began noticing them because I was thinking about them. I knew that they have to be under something long, but what? And what shoes do you wear with them?

One day I was at the grocery store and ahead of me in line were two women who looked well past my age who were both wearing leggings. I don’t think they were on their way home from the gym because they had pretty put-together looking outfits on that just happened to include leggings. I envied them, to tell the truth. I knew I’d never have the nerve to wear pants like that in public.  And once I started looking I began seeing them everywhere.

I will confess that I had a few somewhat judgmental moments, when I thought, “Really? You’re not a teenager!” Like I’m some kind of fashion judge. And honestly, everyone I noticed was wearing them very well. No underpants or worse on display. Nothing like the iconic “People of Wal-Mart” photos you see on Facebook. Nope. Tasteful, all the way. I was just judging them because I didn’t have the nerve to wear a pair myself!

Until I started going to the gym, that is. Now I wear those very pants to work out, and I occasionally stop into the grocery store on the way home to pick up something to make for dinner. Last week it occurred to me to wonder if people look at me and think, “Really?! You’re not a teenager!”

And they are right, and I don’t even care what they think. So there it is!



6 thoughts on “About Leggings (solsc2015) 16/31

  1. Amelia@wakeupandwrite says:

    I’m 58 and I’m learning to let go of all that stuff I thought way too much about growing up. I haven’t gotten to leggings yet, but I will because the last jeans I got fit more like leggings than my old Levis, stretchy and comfy. My 30 year old daughter is the one who encourages me to break down my old stereotypes about what I should or shouldn’t wear.

  2. lynnjake says:

    It’s great to have your daughter to support you, isn’t it? I think it’s so easy to carry stereotypes in our minds of what a woman of our age (no matter what age) should or shouldn’t wear. I definitely worry less about things the older I get!

  3. Patricia Kaiser says:

    Guess what I just read is back in vogue? Flared jeans! I’m glad because I love them (as a tall person). I just bought a pair of white flare jeans for summer. I have one pair of skinny jeans that are soft & stretchy and wear them with big tops, which is a good look, imho ~ it’s all about balance. I used to wear my work out leggings all the time because I’d go the gym in the morning and then run errands. Now, unfortunately, I’m working so much that there’s no time to go to the gym in the a.m.; instead I go for walks after work. Wear those leggings with pride, Lynn!

  4. lynnjake says:

    Flare jeans sound interesting, but maybe not for me since I’m not so tall. I agree that balance is necessary. I have yet to try a pair of skinny jeans, but now that I’m a little less bulky maybe they would look okay. With a big top, probably so. As for leggings, I still only wear them to the gym. I haven’t braved them to other more public places! I will say that they make me feel skinny and in shape!

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