Random Sunday: Another List (solsc2015) 22/31

IMG_7082Once again it’s Sunday. I’m not doing any of these things because I’m so busy slicing and commenting:

Cleaning the kitchen
Cleaning the bathroom
Cleaning anything at all!
Planning lessons
Planting the impatiens I just bought at Costco because they have the best ones and I didn’t want to miss them.
Writing in my journal or making adorable little shipping tags to commemorate the day.
Read or listening to either any of the books I’m currently in the middle of
Washing my car
Shopping for groceries except for the $127 I just spend at Costco for what all was it??

But I have time for a Sunday List, because that’s my idea of a Sunday Slice! So here it is:

1.  I buy my impatiens at Costco because they are cheap and each plant comes in a four inch pot, rather than those tiny pony packs where the roots are all bound up together. Here they are:  That is a lot of impatiens beauty for only $20, I think. I will need more, but I decided to start slowly, to make sure I plant them all. Last year I petered out before I finished the last pack of these and they stayed right there by my bedroom door all summer, happily blooming. Or should I not admit to that degree of sloth? Oh well.

2. Yesterday my 19 month old granddaughter got in the pool in her little swim diaper. It is not warm enough for us adults to get in, but she is valiant. She only got wet up to her waist because none of us were willing to get in past our feet. I predict an interesting ride with this girl! Nothing much fazes her. Today the same kid came to coffee with her dad, and she had to go outside to see the pictures of the dancers in the windows of the dance studio next door. She pointed and babbled on about the dancers. I walked her to the front windows, to see more pictures, and she spotted the door. “Inside?” she asked, trying to push the door open. She can’t begin dance lessons until she’s two next August, but she’ll be ready for it. I’ve never seen a dance-crazy kid like this one. Funny. But enough about her. I could be way more obnoxious by going on and on about her,  but I won’t. Not all at once, anyway.

3. UPDATE: My friend Kim pointed out to me that I always miss a number when I’m making a list. I thought I got to 4 awfully fast. I’m not sure what 3 would have been. One of the photos I guess.

4.Today is the Home and Garden Show. Last year I went to it and told two different hidden screen door companies that I needed a new door. I said I wanted TO BUY ONE, SOON. Do you think either of them ever called me? No, not ever. So weird. I guess I’ll give them another chance this year, because now I need it more than I did last year. UPDATE #2: I went to the Home and Graden show and found the Phantom Screen guy and he says he’s going to call me tonight. We’ll see. See that hanging down thing?That’s part of the top, the part that makes it slide smoothly, I think. I really need a new one.  So we’ll see who is willing to do some work, I guess.

5. We have two more weeks until Spring Break. It is the week after Easter. I will make myself a list of to-dos that will exceed my capability, I’m sure. One slicer called it ‘making a menu’, which is more realistic. I’m all about the list, not so much the action. Speaking of which, see my menu that began this post? Yeah. I’m on it. Have a great week!










19 thoughts on “Random Sunday: Another List (solsc2015) 22/31

  1. Lindsay Slater says:

    I must say that I am a little jealous of anyone who lives where it is warm enough to plant flowers and swim outside! Ohio is not one of those places…Enjoy!

  2. adriennewiley says:

    Love this list of random thoughts on a Sunday. I always find myself impatient with impatiens 🙂 But my mother always planted them, and I love them so! Good tip on Costco!!

  3. janiceewing says:

    Great list — I love the humor, especially being more about the list than the action. I’m also a fan of impatiens. although it’s too early to plant anything in our area (we still have remnants of snow).

  4. dkzody says:

    One more week of school here before easter break. My grandchildren arrive next sunday to spend 4 days with us. I am so busy this next week I probably won’t get to make all the preparations for their visit that I would like, but they won’t know the difference and we will just have fun.

  5. lynnjake says:

    Thanks. I have never been a fan of impatiens, but they fill empty spaces really well. When I bought my house they were everywhere~ so I continue the practice, and now I like them.

  6. franmccrackin says:

    It’s always a worthwhile thing to buy flowers, in my opinion, and I will be happy to read more about your granddaughter sometime!
    And thanks for the list turning into a menu idea- just what I needed 🙂

  7. Theresa says:

    Great list! I think all this commenting definitely takes priority, don’t you? 😉 I love the piece about your granddaughter. My daughter is 18 months and she also loves to do whatever and people watch like crazy! Enjoy it!

  8. lynnjake says:

    I agree about the commenting. I love leaving comments about most of the posts I read. Once in a while I have nothing to say, so leaving a comment would seem pointless. But mostly I do.

    I think this age baby Is so much fun. Talking like crazy, and everything is new to them. Thanks for stopping by, and for commenting. I love it!

  9. kd0602 says:

    I love how your lists are always missing a number. What is number 3 on your list? Was it about taking photos or jotting down ideas for a future post? Maybe something about the inspiration you get by reading and commenting on others’ posts?

    I love knowing that someone else doesn’t get their plants planted as planned!


  10. blkdrama says:

    It’s Monday morning, my computer is open and ready for business and finally I have that window that you had yesterday. I loved reading through your very productive Sunday. I don’t remember getting so much planned and done on a Sunday when I was working.
    Bravo!!! Vacation is just around the corner.

  11. lynnjake says:

    Thanks for the comment, Bonnie. I really wasn’t all that productive, but I do have clean clothes today and some food in the fridge, so that’ll have to do! Have a good week.

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