A Sense of No Sense

They say planning a trip makes you happy, even if you don't go on the trip. I'm going on the trip.

They say planning a trip makes you happy, even if you don’t go on the trip. I’m going on the trip.

Do you ever have a day that just doesn’t make sense? I mean, you seem to be stuck in some fuzzy atmosphere that just doesn’t connect with anything.  Today is one of those days for me. I have a huge menu of things I could and should be doing, since I’m on vacation. Some of them I want to do, and some I need to do and none of them are happening.

I tried listening to a yoga video, thinking I could get that started again, but I lost interest about three minutes in. I got out Natalie Goldberg’s memoir writing book, and have great interest in doing her writing exercises, except I don’t really want to do them.  I thought a little meditation might focus me, but I only lasted for about 30 seconds of that. I went to the library because I wanted to check out some books by an author I’m interested in, and there were none there. I carried a couple of other books around for a while and decided that I don’t want to start any more fiction when I still have plenty on my iPad and Audible.com to entertain me. So I put them back and came home.

In the morning I went to the cafe to write, but just looked at Airbnbs and rental cars and flights for a trip I’m taking next summer.  I made a reservation for a night in an Airbnb in Sedona  on my way to Taos, and I made it for the wrong date. So now I have to either change the date or add another day. But while I’m at it maybe I should choose another place entirely. So I’m just sitting on it, waiting for the next rush of that sort of energy to arise. I have multiple piles of paper to file, but my file box is pretty full so maybe I need to bring in a file cabinet. But how can I do that and have it not be a glaring ugly eyesore in my sweet office? I don’t know either, so I let that go as well.

Then, I read Anne LaMott’s Facebook post. Here it is.

(For some reason, this link show up embedded on my computer but not on my phone or iPad. If that is the case with your technology as well, and you want to read what she wrote, just go to Facebook and search Anne Lamott. Read yesterday’s post.)

She always manages to say what I mean. That doesn’t exactly  make me feel better, but it sort of does. At least someone knows what I mean.  Tomorrow I will make a short list of things that must happen. Not a menu, a list. When I’ve done them I will feel great  better.  Especially because one of the items is a workout at the gym. That (almost) always makes me feel better. So we’ll see what works.

What do you do with days like this? Just appreciate Anne Lamott and hope tomorrow is better? That’s my idea for today. I’d love to hear alternatives. See you anon.


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