A List for June


Apricot jam. Or jammish, maybe syrup.

Well, I’ve managed to miss most of June here. After such a mad post-o-rama in April, and a smattering in May, June has completely bottomed out for some reason. My best means of recovery is a list, so here goes:

1.Harvesters:  Avery and I picked apricots last week and made jam of them It’s so pretty, if a little runny still. I hadn’t made jam for decades, but it’s like riding a bike, I think. I just flew into action and knew just what to do. I wonder how it tastes.  I’m still off sugar so I didn’t even taste it! All but five of the jars sealed, though, so that’s good.

2. Whole 30: I finished my Whole 30 last weekend. The thing I craved most was cream in my coffee, so that is what I tried first. Unfortunately my nose was runny and my chest asthmatic within an hour of drinking that creamy coffee, so there’s a little message for me. I didn’t stop there, though. I had it a few more times, and the arthritis in my hands flared up painfully and my arthritic knee began to hurt. Is it coincidental? Probably not. I bought a new brace for my knee called an “Incredibrace” from the sports store. It kind of helps it, but I think no more cream will help it more. Bummer! Other than that, I’m not changing much in my diet. This is working pretty will for me, all in all.

This is the vanilla flavored almond milk. Quite an artistic setting. It doesn’t usually live there!

3. Almond milk: This segues nicely from the last paragraph. I’ve begun using almond milk in my iced coffee. I like it a lot. This week I bought some unsweetened stuff with vanilla in it (Not silk. It’s  Califia Farms  brand ). Adding that to my iced coffee makes it taste like vanilla wafers. Even without any sugar.  Weird. I like vanilla wafers, so I’m okay with it.


These are my new VIonics. See the little silver line on the strap? On all the others colors that is patent leather. Or the whole strap is jewelie.

4. New Shoes: Last weekend I went to visit my sister, and she was raving about her new flipflops. They are therapeutic for problematic feet and legs. The brand is Vionics and they have a very built up orthotic-like footbed. Since I have such a problem with my knee, I decided to try some. The thing is, they are all either patent leather on the strap or encrusted with gemstones. Not my thing. The only ones that didn’t have that stuff were grey. “Pewter.”  I decided that was my favorite color for a while, and bought them. They take some getting used to because of the orthotic soles, but I’m liking them a lot now. They might have thrown my knee out of whack for a little while. but it feels better today. (so who knows, did it hurt because of the cream or the shoes or just because it felt like it? And is it better because of the shoes or the brace or just because it feels like it? Whatever. It’s better so I’ll take that.)


There are 150 steps from the cliff to the ocean. I only went down there once! UPDATE: Yesterday (6/26/15) they cancelled the Junior Lifeguarding championships right here at this place because 15 Great White Sharks were spotted swimming around this pier, out at the end of it by the cement ship. Wow!

5. Santa Cruz: This should have been first. Last weekend I went to Santa Cruz to watch one of my dear friends/ former students get her Masters Degree from UC Santa Cruz. I stayed in an Airbnb in Aptos which was just great. The people were so kind and welcoming, and the room very comfortable. I felt great there. I went a day early so I could feel relaxed, and I did. I went and watched the ocean for a while and that was so nice. Except for the stinky old cement boat at the end of the pier that was covered in seagulls and pelicans and their poop.  Anyway, it was good to see my friend, Maribel and her family, and the graduation was inspiring. It was a grad school  only event so was very small and personal. Quite a few people got their PhDs, which was amazing to me. Lots of Doctorates in Astrophysics and Chemistry! I can’t even imagine such a thing.

On Saturday I left and on the way decided, very much on the spur of the moment that I’d go visit my sister in Calistoga if she was home, and spend an extra night away from home. This past year has taught me that it’s so important to make time, to go out of our way  to spend time with those we love. We just can’t count on tomorrow, so we need to make the most of every today, really.


A farewell view of the Napa Valley, as I went over the mountain on my way home.


Tammy and I after dinner.

6. Calistoga: I don’t get to see my sister very often, so it was really a treat to go visit her. She needed to go shopping so we went to Macy’s in Santa Rosa. We don’t have a store like that in Chico, so it was fun. She is very good to shop with, as she used to own clothing stores. She is very good at knowing what fits and what goes with what and really, shopping is painless when I’m with her. This was my first shopping trip since I no longer needed to shop in the plus-size department (YAY ME!!!), and boy was it overwhelming. When you shop in Plus you aren’t used to having very many choices, so it’s relatively easy. You either find something or you don’t. But when you wear regular sizes, my gosh! The choices just go on and on. Things just kept on fitting, so I just kept on buying them. (Not really that much…) Very fun. Then we went out to dinner at a place where we could eat outside, and it was just perfect. Don’t you love it when everything just comes together like that? I sure do.


This is Tammy’s beautiful yard. She really takes care of it!

Okay. That’s going to have to be it for now because, I”m almost at a thousand words already and my house is a disaster!  I’m working up to a more introspective post but it’s taking some mental wrangling. Soon though. I hope you’re finding some fun and relaxation, because it’s important!


10 thoughts on “A List for June

  1. dkzody says:

    That is some green lawn. I’m assuming Calistoga has plenty of water? All of the lawns in Fresno are turning brown. People are letting their yards die as the whole city has been required to cut water use by 25%. It makes me sad to travel across the city now.

  2. lynnjake says:

    Thanks, Jeannine. I really worked on that almond milk photo! I had to put it on the waterfall because there was no clear counter space inside! Guess it’s time to clean up a little!

  3. lynnjake says:

    Thanks Paula. I love your #nottryingsodamnhard photos! They crack me up. As for the Whole 30, it just kind of became routine. We’ll see when I break!

  4. Patty Kaiser says:

    The apricot jam looks lusciously delicious! Peaches are showing up at the Farmers Market and I’m tempted to try to can some like I did a couple of years ago, but it’s so much more fun with another set of hands in the kitchen, like playing. I wish you lived closer! It’s so enjoyable reading your posts, Lynn!

  5. Lisa Weikel says:

    What a newsy and folksy “list.” (You sure know how to dress up a list, Woman.)

    I think I especially enjoyed your rediscovery of adorning yourself with clothes that feel great and encourage you to appreciate all the effort you’ve put into yourself this past year. Seeing you glowing beside your sister and reading your words helps me appreciate what a metamorphosis you’ve undergone since we met in Taos.

    I agree wholeheartedly, Lynn, in your “Yay me!” Yay you!

    I have to laugh at your valiant efforts, though, to talk yourself into thinking that cream was not the culprit behind so many of your physical symptoms. The almond milk sounds like a decent substitute for a while. And who knows? Maybe if you stay away from the cream for a year or so, it won’t trigger such an immediate inflammatory response.

    Would 2% – or even just plain old “whole” milk – have the same effect on your body? Just wondering.

    Finally, I love that photo of you and your sister. You are radiant.

  6. lynnjake says:

    Thanks Patty. Peaches are coming in here too. Hmmm…I could stop and buy a bunch on the road and come down and can them with you! That would be so much fun to can peaches fresh out of the orchard! It would be a party indeed! A messy one, but so fun. I used to can them as well, and they are such a treat when it’s winter.

  7. lynnjake says:

    Lisa, thanks for your comment. I think maybe some deep changes happened last summer, that are taking time to become evident. Things that one can’t just decide to do differently, things that must arise at their pace…hmmm. I wish you were coming to California for a visit! Very soon I will have a guest room available! Keep it in mind…

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