On Becoming Stronger (solsc) 4/31


Twice a week for the past seven months I’ve been lifting heavy things. In between I take walks. I watch birds and the sky, and I take pictures. I pay attention to what I eat, but I don’t diet. Some of the old food cravings have gone away. Not all of them, but that’s okay. It’s up and down. Without struggle I have become stronger, and in some ways calmer and more centered. (Unless I’m having a caffeineogenic temper tantrum, which really only happened once and was totally justified).

At the beginning I wanted to lose weight, but I also wanted to become stronger and more flexible. I wanted to be able to carry my new baby granddaughter around. I wanted to get down on the floor and play with her. I feared that if I didn’t start, it’d be too late. So I signed on with a gifted trainer, and I just kept going until now this is all a way of life.  I am lucky to work with Sarah, as she knows just what to do to gently guide me in making this transformation.

As my body has become stronger and more flexible, my spirit has become stronger as well. It makes me happy to feel good, and I think I laugh more. I’m not afraid to do hard things. I hardly even remember being afraid to do things, but I was. I feared doing hard things and I feared getting old.

As I passed through my fifties,  I seemed to hover in a place between what was and what I expected. I remembered my grandparents and how they aged, expecting their style of old age to hit suddenly. Then I remembered my mom, whose aging was much more graceful. Her parents’ type of old age never hit her, so I don’t know why I expected it to hit me, but I did.

But not any more. Now I just feel good. Ready to take on whatever comes. Because when you feel strong, you feel whole. I feel like I’ve come full circle!



18 thoughts on “On Becoming Stronger (solsc) 4/31

  1. Amy Brennan says:

    Your story is such an inspiration! The way you have written about how your body has become stronger and more flexible and how this has had an impact on your spirit is really moving. I too have had a caffeineogenic temper tantrum, crazy but true. Thank you for sharing!

  2. marc-aureled says:

    I loved the line “When you feel strong, you feel whole”. You have obviously made some positive changes in you life and you are experiencing the pay off. Congratulations!

  3. mgminer says:

    We are on similar journeys. Thank you for articulating what I have been feeling. Such graceful storytelling in your narrative.

  4. Deanna Alexich says:

    Wow–what a lovely gift to us and to yourself. You’ve always epitomized grace and beauty in words, deed and your whole essence. I am so glad to read this because you are celebrating yourself and your strength–and when you do that, everything in life lifts with you.

  5. Tanya B says:

    I also liked this line: “As my body has become stronger and more flexible, my spirit has become stronger as well. It makes me happy to feel good, and I think I laugh more. I’m not afraid to do hard things.”

    It’s exciting to realize that you are no longer afraid to do hard things, after you have been afraid. It is really lovely to have you writing every day again, Lynn. Thank you

  6. Katy Collins says:

    “On Becoming Stronger…” What a wonderful title to an inspiring piece. I am so glad you have experienced this transformation of body and mind, and your energy and joy inspire me to look forward with courage! Thank you for sharing!

  7. lynnjake says:

    Thank you Tanya. I took on this Slice of Life Challenge in a effort to return to writing. So far it’s good, although I have a little fear that I’ll run out of things to write about!

  8. dkzody says:

    Isn’t it amazing how our grandchildren will motivate us to take good care of ourselves? Sure is true of Terry and me. We want to be around long enough so that Leeya and/or Judah can give speeches at our birthday parties!

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