My Gym Shoes (solsc2015) 13/31


These are my feet wearing my gym shoes. I am in love with these shoes. I only wear them at the gym. They are specially designed for weight lifting. They don’t have a padded heel like running shoes, so they’re good for keeping my heel close to the floor. That’s so I don’t hurt myself by twisting my ankle when I lift heavy things. I didn’t always wear these shoes to the gym. No. When I started I really didn’t know what I should wear there. I wore my running shoes and a loose pair of short pants and a t shirt.

After a month or so, Sarah, my trainer, suggested I buy some more appropriate shoes. She explained what I should look for and why.  Being an avid shoe shopper, I was happy to comply.  I went to a couple of stores before I found the right ones. I wanted them black, not neon green. I wanted them to be perfect, even though I didn’t know exactly what that would look or feel like.  When I tried these they looked so good, I knew they would be right, even though they felt pretty odd.  I secretly worried that they’d turn out to not be really comfortable, but I didn’t say it out loud because they were so cute. (I know, you probably think I have a skewed idea of cuteness in shoes.)

How is it that we’re willing to tolerate something that feels less than great just because it looks good? I know that I’m not the only one who does that. Fortunately, the shoes turned out to be super comfortable once I got used to the lowness of the heel.

Now, whenever I put them on it’s a signal that I’m off to take care of myself. I feel a little stronger, I stand a little straighter and I definitely move with more confidence. It isn’t just the shoes that make me feel this way. They are a symbol of all this getting stronger I’m working on, and the boost it’s giving me in so many ways. I love these shoes and everything they represent!



4 thoughts on “My Gym Shoes (solsc2015) 13/31

  1. Patricia Kaiser says:

    I love it when I can find both cute and comfy!! Good post! I’m enjoying all of them!

  2. lynnjake says:

    Thanks Patty. I appreciate your reading and commenting. It had been quite a long spell of not writing, so I took on this challenge of doing a blog post a day for thirty one days. So far it’s been fun to do. And it’s really fun to know someone is reading it!

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