Monday Madness (solsc2015) 23/31

It’s the end of the quarter, and I’m accepting late work. Today only.
“But what if I bring it to you in the morning?”
What part of ‘today’ did you miss, Jose?

“Hey Ms. Jacobs, Last weekend I went to Harley’s house and Harley’s dad…”
No Harley’s dad stories today, Ivan.

“What’s my AR goal? My advisory teacher says I have to have a goal by tomorrow or she’ll make me a goal.”
That is my job, not hers. Today is the first day of the new quarter and I haven’t made your goal yet, Maria. Just keep reading, you’ll have your goal soon enough.

“Hey Ms. Jacobs, once when we were in fifth grade, Harley’s dad…”
Stop Ivan. No Harley’s dad stories today.”

“When are we going to the library? I need a new book.”
It says on the agenda that we’re going tomorrow, third period.
“Can we go tomorrow?”
It says on the agenda…Yes.

“What’s my grade as of right now?”
“What am I missing?”
I’ll enter the papers you just gave me, Miguel, and then I’ll tell you.

“Hey Ms. Jacobs, on Sunday we had a soccer game and afterwards I went to Harley’s house and Harley’s dad bought pizza and it was frozen and…”
Stop Ivan. No Harley’s dad stories today.
“Hey Ms. Jacobs, Harley’s dad…”
La la la la la…I’m not listening to any Harley’s dad stories. Just stop.

Cha, take of your hat, please.
“What?? Why today? You let me wear it other times.”
Sorry, just take it off. Thanks.

A few of you still haven’t handed in the writing sample I need to send to the high school. Please hand it in today.
“I don’t know how to write this. I mean, I NEED HELP.”
Okay, I’ll show you what to do in a minute. It’s pretty simple

“Hey Ms. Jacobs, so yesterday I went to Harley’s dad’s birthday party and he just…”
Ivan, stop.
“Hejustbitthecakeallatonceandgotitalloverhisface.” Laughter…

“Hey Ms. Jacobs, I saw Ivan and his dad at the store yesterday and he…”
Harley, no Ivan’s dad stories, please.

“You listened to a story about my dad so now you have to listen to one about Ivan’s dad.”
No I didn’t…

Only one more Monday until Spring Break. Let’s hope for a quiet Tuesday.



15 thoughts on “Monday Madness (solsc2015) 23/31

  1. Lisa Weikel says:

    Lynn! That’s so weird.

    Did I ever tell you about the time my dog Harley ran over to the neighbor’s? Yeah, and he ateaboxofchocolateandpoopedallovertheroad. Ha ha ha ha.

    You deserve a freaking medal. I could never do what you do!

  2. dkzody says:

    Reminds me of my lunches with first graders. They have all sorts of stories and demands. However, I’m only responsible for listening, not planning, teaching, grading, evaluating, and starting all over the next day.

  3. Lisa Weikel says:

    It would be cool for you to put together a Dad Stories book by Harley and Ivan. Although I think it’s more Ivan’s relentless desire to bug you with the stories that’s funniest.

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